5 recipe books from chefs and foodies based in Edinburgh

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5 recipe books from chefs and foodies based in Edinburgh

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With garden party season in full swing, this week we are sharing with you some delightfully delicious ways to impress your guests this summer. Bringing you a real sense of community, this week we are introducing you to a few recipe books from chefs and foodies based in Edinburgh for you to test your culinary skills at home. Even better, we are chatting about some of Edinburgh’s bookshops where you can find some inspiration and shop local.

This is definitely something you don’t want to miss…

The Batch Lady ‘Healthy Family Favourites’

We’re sure those post lockdown feels have got you wanting to kickstart your healthy living once again. Well look no further. Take charge of your diet through Sunday Times best-selling author, The Batch Lady.

If like us, you find that cooking isn’t your strong point, The Batch Lady’s simple, tasty, portion-controlled recipes will not only save you time and money but will also leave your guests impressed and going home happy. With over 80 yummy home-cooked recipes, the Batch Lady will have you being the talk of dinner party season in no time!

Jess Elliot ‘Tin Can Magic’

Owner of Elliot’s Kitchen, Jess wrote this book in the early days of launching Elliot’s. This book will revolutionise the way you cook your day-to-day meals, along with a few that will be sure to impress on the weekends. It’s packed with quick and easy dishes that will have you using only the tins from the back of your pantry. We guarantee this book will be quickly added into your weekly routine.

Books are on sale at Elliot’s Sciennes Road shop, so why not pop in and grab yourself a tasty treat too!

Tom Kitchin ‘Tom Kitchen’s Fish and Shellfish’

A true celebration of the sea, this book showcases the brilliant talents of one of Scotland’s favourite chefs. Tom brings his passion for the best and freshest seafood to life in these pages, taking you right into the heart of the sea. Recipes ranging from grilled lobster and poached langoustines to cullen skink and cod fritters.

Imagine one of those dishes with one of the Good Wine Brothers best-selling wines such as the ‘Chin Chin Vino Verde’. We can’t think of a better combo for a Friday night dinner.

Mark Greenaway ‘Perceptions: Recipes from Restaurant Mark Greenaway’

Award winning Mark Greenaway brings his restaurant to your homes with his first cookbook ‘Perceptions’. Perceptions is the result of more than two decades in the kitchen, revealing the stories of Mark’s journey, the foods, people, and places that have inspired him to get to where he is now. The book takes a fresh spin on Scottish cuisine by looking at it from a contemporary perspective, while also highlighting the best local products Scotland has to offer.

Let Mark guide you and help you stir up some fantastic recipes for your family and guests!

Ailidh Forlan ‘Street Food Scotland’

Our very own brand ambassador @platexpectations set herself a mission to discover the very best street food that Scotland has to offer. Ailidh perfectly captures the stories and history of her favourite spots across the country, from market stalls to tucked away hidden gems, whilst also sharing her own recipes to try for yourself at home.

“This book symbolises all that’s great about Scottish food” Tom Kitchen – we could not agree with you more!

You’re probably wondering where you can find these books…

Here in Edinburgh, we are incredibly lucky to have so many wonderful independent shops, with local bookstores located in every part of the city. We have put together a small selection of some of our favourites where you can go and get your very own copy of these books.