The Calabash African Bar and Restaurant

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Fresh, Tasty and Spicy African dishes… just like mama makes them!

Located in the heart of Glasgow’s City Centre, the new Calabash Restaurant serves up exciting and freshly made dishes from all over Africa. The authentic and vibrant menu evokes the atmosphere of a truly enjoyable African dining experience. From hot spicy Choma to well prepared Pepper soup, the offerings boast selections of the finest meals from South, East, West and Central Africa.

All of their meals are Halal, and there are both vegan and veggie options!

Sample Menu


Vegetable Samosa – Deep Fried Thin, Tri-shaped Pastry Filled With Seasoned Vegetables, Served With A Slice Of Lemon £3.00

Lamb Samosa – Deep Fried Thin, Tri-shaped Pastry Filled With Seasoned Lamb, Served With A Slice Of Lemon £3

Platter – Chicken Wings, Samosas, Served With Warm Bread, Kachumbari ( African Salsa) & Salad £12.00

Githeri Salad (v) – Mixed Beans With Sweetcorn & Lettuce Flavoured With African Seasoning & Olive Oil £4.00


Cassava Chips – Deep Fried Portions Of Cassava £4.00

Banku/ Kenkey – Ghanian Dish Cooked With Fermented Corn & Cassava Dough £5.00
Kachumbari – ( African Salsa) Tomato, Onions, Coriander & Lemon Juice ( Side Not Offered With Main Meals) £3.00

Plantain (v) – Deep Fried Tropical Cooking Bananas ( Yellow Plantain). £4.00

Main Meals

Khima Curry – A Tanzanian Style Minced Lamb Curry With Mixed Vegetables With A Blend Of African Spices. Served With Rice. £8.00

Seafood Special – Panfried King Prawns In Shell. Cooked With All African Seasoning, Ginger, Garlic, Served With Fried Rice & Salad. £12.95

Peanut Soup – Traditional Gambian Soup Made With Meat, Tomatoes, Peanuts & African Spices. Served With Rice Or Pounded Yam. £12.00

The Mama Special – Muriyo Wa Nyama (v) – (vegetarian) Served With Sadza. Succulent Portions Of Lamb Cooked With A Mixture Of Spinach & Sukuma Wiki Served With Ugali Just Like Mama Makes Or Served With Rice. £9.00

Caribbean Goat Curry – Marinated Flavours Of Curry Powder, Chopped Onion, Escallion, Garlic, Ginger, Thyme & Scotch Bonnet Slowly Cooked With Chunks Of Goat Meat & Potatoes. £11.99


Jumbo Tapas – A Delicious Taste Of African Cuisine Containing A Portion Of Ugali, Mukimo, Plantain, Coconut Rice, Nyama Choma, Kuku Choma, Khiama Curry, Spinach, Boerewors. All Superbly Flavoured Local Delicacies With Kachumbari ( African Salsa) & Bbq Dip. Sharer Enough For Three. £50.00

Mshikaki ( Bruschette) Skewers Chips – Flame Grilled Spiced Lamb, Onions & Mixed Peppers Skewers, Served With Deep Fried East African Green Bananas Or Chips. £10.00

Jerk Chicken – Quarter Chicken Lovingly Marinated In Jerk Spices & Grilled To Perfection Served With Caribbean Rice & Peas. £9.00

Calabash Meat Wrap With Chips – Meat Pieces Cooked With Mixed Peppers & Calabash Spices. £8.00

Union Street 57
Glasgow G1 3RB Scotland GB
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