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Taza in Town is more than just my favourite Syrian restaurant in Edinburgh; it’s a success story that the whole community ought to be proud of.

“Taza in Town is more than just my favourite Syrian restaurant in Edinburgh; it’s a success story that the whole community ought to be proud of. Abdullah Razzouk left Syria in 2009 and set up his Syrian Bakery Taza Bake in 2014. From out of it comes freshly baked Khobez, Baklawa and Ma’Moul Bel Ajweh, which are supplied to many restaurants in Edinburgh and are served alongside juicy kebabs and authentic Arabic meze in Abdullah’s own restaurant, Taza in Town.

Taza means freshness, so you can expect everything to be made from scratch, including those outrageously good falafel – the best in the city, I’d say. It all travels extremely well, making that Levantine cuisine ideal for a living room feast, and it’s as feel good as it is taste good with Taza In Town continuing to support lots of refugee charities and local food banks.”

Ailidh – Plate Expectations



Sample Menu

  • Hummus with Meat ٠٣-حمص لحمة
    Boiled and blended chickpeas mixed with tahini sauce and topped with freshly fried pieces of lamb meat (may contain nuts)
  • Falafel (5 Pieces) ٠١- فلافل صحن
    Chickpeas mixed with Syrian herbs and freshly fried
  • Hummus (Classic or Beiruti or Chilli) ٠٢-حمص صحن
    Boiled and blended chickpeas mixed with tahini sous and topped with olive oil
  • Motabal ٠٤- متبل
    Charcoal grilled aubergine mixed with yogurt and tahini, topped with olive oil, red pepper flakes
  • Baba Ganouj ٠٥- بابا غنوج
    Grilled Aubergine mixed with Pomegranate Molasses, veg, and lemon juice
  • Labneh ٠٧- لبنة صحن
    Thick Greek Yogurt topped with dried mint, red pepper flakes and olive oil
  • Yalanji ٠٨- يلانجي
    Vine leaves stuffed with rice spices
  • Grilled Halloumi ١٢-حلومي مشوية صحن


  • Za’atar & Cheese ٢١- زعتر و جبنة
    10″ Pie half of it Za’atar and the other half is cheese
  • Muhammara Mana’eesh ١٩- محمرة مناقيش
    10″ Pie red pepper paste mixed with 15 kinds of herbs and olive oil
  • Za’atar ١٧- زعتر مناقيش
    10″ Pie topped with dried Thyme mixed with other 7 kinds of herbs, sesame and olive oil
  • Za’atar with fresh vegetables ٢٧- زعتر و خضرة


  • Batata Sandwich ٤٨- بطاطا صندويش
    Fried chips with garlic sauce and ketchup wrapped with fresh flat bread.
  • Sheesh Tawouq Sandwich ٥٢- شيش طاووق صندويش
    1 large skewer of marinated chicken cubes, cooked on charcoal grill, fried chips, tomato and garlic sauce wrapped with flat bread and toasted.
  • Falafel Sandwich ٤٦- فلافل صندويش
    3 pieces of falafel with some hummus , pickles and fresh vegetables topped with tahini and yogurt sauce wrapped in fresh flat bread.
  • Arabic Lamb Burger ٥٠- برغر عربي بلحم الغنم
    Syrian style lamb burger stuffed with tomato, pickles, lettuce, chips, Garlic & Ketchup sauce.


  • Sheesh Kebab Meal ٥٤- وجبة شقف
    2 skewers of Lamb cubes marinated with Chef Syrian spices. Comes with rice or fries and salad.
  • Taza Kebab Meal ٥٥- تازا كباب
    Lamb mince skewers mixed with parsley, onion and Syrian spices. Served with salad and rice or chips.
  • Chicken Wings ٥٣-جوانح دجاج مشوية
    6 pieces of marinated and grilled chicken wings with dips on the side of the dish
  • Mixed Grill Meal ٥٩- مشاوي مشكلة
    A large portion mix of: Kebab Skewer, Sheesh Kebab, Sheesh Tawooq, Shawerma, Chicken wing, served with rice or Chips
  • Chicken Kebab Meal ٥٧- كباب فروج
    2 skewers of Chicken mince mixed with fresh coriander and garlic, comes with rice of fries.
  • Sheesh Tawouq Meal ٥٦- وجبة شيش طاووق
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Plate Expectations @ Ailidh's Choice
Delivery Only