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Hailing from the Italian island of Sardinia, Luisa has spent some 18 years working in hospitality; moving to Edinburgh two years ago after managing Michelin Star restaurants in England.

Scotland Meets Sardinia began as an intimate supper club, where she would invite guests into her beautiful home to sample the very best of Sardinian cuisine, prepared with fresh local ingredients. As a result of Covid-19, Luisa has had to adapt her business model, and instead of dining in her home, she now offers a unique takeaway experience inspired by her family’s Sardinian cooking traditions and recipes. You can choose from a tailored eight-course tasting menu, ala carte classics, or a three-course meal with canapes.


Sample Menu

A la carte
  • PANE CARASAU Sardinian crisp bread with extra virgin olive oil
  • SPAGHETTI AL POMODORO Spaghetti pasta with homemade tomato sauce *V
  • LASAGNE Oven backed layers of pasta with rich homemade bolognese ragù sauce, creamy besciamelle e parmigiano
  • MALLOREDDUS SARDI Sardinian pasta shells sautéed with homemade sausage, Sardinan saffron and tomato sauce
  • FREGOLA CON BROCCOLI Sardinian couscous sautéed with broccoli and fresch pork sausage
  • GNOCCHETTI COZZE E ASPARAGI Sardinian gnochetti pasta sautèed with mussel asparagus and Sardinian saffron
3 Course Set Menu
  • STARTER RANA PESCATRICE ALL’ ALGHERESE Typical dishes from Alghero with Monkfish, onion and cherry tomatoes
  • STARTER CARPACCIO DI SALMONE 36 hours marinade Salmon served with fennel, Sardinian Bottarga ( cured fish roe ) and Sardinian saffron dressing
  • STARTER POLPO PICCANTE Sardinian spicy slow cooking octopus stew
  • STARTER RAVIOLI BERCHIDDESI Pork and tomato sauce fried Ravioli
  • MAIN LASAGNE AI CARCIOFI Oven backed layers of pasta with rich creamy besciamelle,artichokes and parmigiano
  • MAIN BRANZINO AL CARTOCCIO Seabass filet cooking in foil with cherry tomato, fish broth,langoustine and tyme
  • DESERT PANNACOTTA AL MIRTO Pannacotta with Sardinian mirto liquor served with Sardinian torrone/mirto sauce and nuts
  • DESSERT TIRAMISÙ Sponge fingers soaked in coffee with homemade mascarpone cream and cocoa

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