Namaste Kathmandu

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Celebrated as one of the best Nepalese restaurants in Edinburgh, Namaste Kathmandu serves the vibrant and exotic street food of Nepal’s capital city, alongside authentic Indian-style curries, and European classics.

Under the direction of Head Chef Bimal Basnet, Namaste Kathmandu has become a firm favourite in the city, offering exceptional hospitality and excellent value. They are famed for their fried Momo dumplings, which are a real treat – packed full of succulent chicken, then fried to crispy perfection! Immerse your taste buds in the fragrant herbs and spices of Nepalese cuisine to be transported to the bustling markets and experience an authentic dining experience.

Sample Menu

  • Khasiko suruwa (lamb soup)
    Lamb cooked in Nepalese herbs and lentils.
  • Kwatiko suruwa (Mixed beans soup)
    Mixed beans simmered with green vegetables and herbal spices.
  • Kukhura ko Masu- Mild, Medium or Hot
    Chicken marinated in herbs & spices – flavoured with Timur (Sichuan Pepper) & shallow fried.
  • Khasi ko Masu – Mild, Medium or Hot
    Lamb marinated in herbs and spices– flavoured with Sichuan Pepper and shallow fried.
  • Garlic Chilli – Chicken or Lamb – Medium or Hot
    Cooked in chilli and garlic sauce, garnished with fresh coriander.
  • Bheda Tona – Medium or Hot
    Lamb leg delicacy – marinated overnight in blend of herbs, yogurt and spices,
    and cooked with onions and tomatoes.
  • Trishuli ko Machha ko Jhol – Medium or Hot
    Red Snapper fish cubes cooked with onions, tomato, and lemon and topped with coriander.
  • Kukhura Ko Jhol – Medium or Hot
    Chicken on the bone cooked with onion, tomato, and lemon and topped with coriander.
  • Navrattan Korma – Mild
    Nine different vegetables in a creamy sauce.
  • Daal Makhani – Mild or Medium
    Black lentils simmered & seasoned in tradiational Punjabi style.
  • Tarka Daal – Medium or Hot
    Yellow lentils simmered & seasoned in traditional Punjabi style.
  • Channa Masala – Medium or Hot
    Chickpeas in a delicious sauce flavoured with Namaste Kathmandu herbs and spices.
  • Aloo Gobi – Medium or Hot
    Cauliflower and potato uniquely flavoured with chef’s own blend of spices.
  • Paneer Makhni – Mild
    Spicy tomato gravy with pieces of soft homemade cottage cheese.

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