Heavy Metal Munchies

Delivery & Collection

Heavy Metal Munchies offer ready to heat and ready to eat meals and desserts; delivered to your door, hassle free and in tune with your taste buds!

Run by a Scottish/Polish couple of chefs, who recently moved to the beloved Highlands, each menu is designed to your exact needs. HMM meals and desserts are prepared in their home-run kitchen, and they even deliver locally to your doorstep!

All meals are either chilled or frozen and ready-to-heat for you at home. Apart from the desserts, of course, which you can (and you should!) munch straight out of the box. They are committed to using locally sourced ingredients whenever it is possible, a lot of which are grown in their garden and sustainably foraged in the nearby forest. All packaging is compostable or recyclable in order to stay as much in tune with the surrounding nature as possible. Believe it or not-metalheads can be tree-lovers too!

Delivery Fee

Min Order £15 with £2 for delivery

Delivery Radius

25 mile radius