Before food delivery apps, everybody had a drawer of menus in their kitchen. Then delivery apps came along, bought up all the consumer demand and sold it to restaurants for exorbitant prices. Secret Takeaways is the evolution of that drawer.


Back in March 2020, we started Secret Takeaways as a simple webpage with a list of local, independent restaurants offering takeaway during lockdown in Edinburgh and London. These restaurants were not on the big three delivery apps, but had to offer this service to survive. As soon as we put it live, it went viral, but it was still just a fun side project for us.

Unfortunately the big three apps still hold most of the consumer demand, so restaurants are at their mercy and forced to fork over as much as 35% of their revenue. Now thanks to off the shelf software, it’s easy for restaurants to have a website where they can take orders directly. If they don’t want that tech, they can still take orders over the phone. That is surely preferable to losing a third of your revenue to apps, it’s a no brainer.

This still leaves the restaurant with the consumer demand issue, now you’ve got your website or app, how do you get people flocking to it? We believe that given the choice, consumers will choose to order directly from the restaurant to support them. Not only that, but it’s usually cheaper for the consumer.

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